Well, the weather is getting warmer, slowly. The birds are singing in the morning, and I'll need to mow the yard soon, ick. Time to be getting outside and doing things. And away from this machine. Isn't technology a blessing and a curse sometimes?



This is absolutely hysterical. If the Terminator saga becaomes fact, we know who will fight with us, lol.




Just some random thoughts floating around. We as parents are hope that our kids can be functioning and independent adults. That they learn to make good decisions, and can be contributing memebers of society. And for the most part, they do just that. What brings these thoughts up is the redhead. I just helped her move into a nice little house, closer to her work. Someone had asked her if the youngest son was going to move in with her. She had said that while he would like to, having lived on his own, he was used to doing things his way, and wouldn't want her telling him that he couldn't bring women home, or something to that effect. Which I think, is his way of saying he valued the independence he'd found.
Last night while I was there, he'd called and said he was coming over later. No biggie. I left a little after 8, before I fell asleep. Anyway, this morning I was talking to her online, and asked how she'd slept. She said not well, because he'd been there playing a game online all night. Now that's none of my business,really. I know this. But it did raise some questions with me. He values his independeance, but has no qualms about using something his mom has and he doesn't, namely an internet connection. Again, none of my business, she'd free to do with that as she wishes. The question it raises with me is: do our children value their independence when it suits them? And then become dependent on us when it suits them as well. Since when do we get to pick and choose? and why should they? You want to be independent , do so. If you can't afford things because your job isn't paying enough? Get a new job. Being on your own involves making choices, sometimes monetary ones. I don't mind helping my kids out, but they are adults. and to the next generation, sometimes the things you think you can make a living with don't pan out, have a back up plan. We can't all be rockstars or sports stars. Be realistic. Or...this could just all be the ranting od a semi old guy that doesn't know squat, hehe.


Another cold day

I am sitting at the infernal machine, on another nasty cold day here. I have been feeling a little down today, and couldn't qute put a finger on it until about an hour ago. It's really pretty simple, now that I think about it. I'm lonely. I know, sounds so obvious. I have no one to talk to except the dog. It's miserable out and I don't want to go anywhere. I went to the folks's yesterday, and that was a help for awhile, but then I come home and I'm right back in this empty house by myself. Years ago, when I was going through my divorce, I spent a lot of time at my parents. I guess then I was trying to avoid the feelings I am having now. It's silly, as I am more connected than ever before with all this technology. Yet I lack a human being to touch, to hold. and I know that's my own damn fault, but I can't help but feel a little sorry for myself. Of course, this too shall pass. I hope



I just love winter in Northern Illinois. Last week it was below zero for 48 straight hours. I don't know about you, but that's damn cold. well, soon it will be summer and we'll be complaining about the stifling heat.


The pursuit of nothing

I have been noticing a tendency for people to pursue things that are out of their reach entirely. They devote vast amounts of time, energy, and resources to obtain things, which in most cases, simply can't be had. Not only that, in most cases, what they seek is detrimental to them anyway. Oh, that's a big word, maybe, it's just plain bad for them. Yet they continue to beat their heads against a wall, in the vain hopes of attaining it. Seems silly, but I have done it myself. I have made a promise to myself to not chase after things that I can never have, it's a futile excercise.



I've written about this person before. Several times. This last weekend we worked, and we were rather busy. A situation arose where there was a slight problem. When I walked into the area. The girls told me what the problem was. When I asked which machine, this person spoke to me in a tone like you would use with a child. Slow and loud. Now, if her partner/live-in,/whatever he is doesn't mind this tone, that's his business. But I for one, like to be spoken to in a little more dignified manner. I guess since he wasn't there she thought she could speak to me like he does him. Like I said, if he wants to tolerate that, it's his business. But I for one, won't. I guess I am just venting, because again she proved how really petty and small she really is.
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